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April 5, 2016

The Galactic Queen has arrived, and she is everything you would imagine a Royal to be. Sovereign, Sure, and Sensuous. Alison McLean of the Clan MacLea.../ ➝

March 24, 2016

Patricia takes Peter Fae and North to a gathering with John Milton, Per, and Samavesha Gayatri to invoke and receive the energies of the Land at the .../ ➝

March 21, 2016

Peter Fae and North arrive to the Sanctuary of Faust. Into the Mythica comes together in the Earth Energy at the hearth of Lady Faust. North, the my.../ ➝

March 2, 2016

The stone Fae circle in Crestone is known to only a few of the Priests & Priestesses here. On this day, I visited with my sister Samavesha Moksha .../ ➝

November 10, 2015

Samavesha Moksha Gayatri is given sanctuary by Lady Faust in the winter season. During this time, Moksha gifted me a Circuitry Alignment (speakingtre.../ ➝

October 15, 2015

The Fall of 2014, a mist filled the entire San Luis Valley; people who had lived here for 20 years said they had never seen anything like it. Dragons .../ ➝

August 8, 2015

For months now, I have asked the baby dragons that “hatched” out of the twin amethyst clusters their names. When I meditated with them at .../ ➝

July 29, 2015

Arthur went missing in Glastonbury; in this life he is known as Anthony. Many of the priestesses in his tribe sensed something was darkly wrong. In a.../ ➝

June 20, 2015
June 17, 2015
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